Courses can be taken in your home, at our training centers or online. AP, SAT, ACT, IMAT, BMAT, LNAT and IB courses are for everyone. We also offer you study hours/studies and study camps for IB schools' midterm and final exams.

IB camps Before the IB exams and IB school exams, our teachers prepare question papers on your exam topics and solve the questions during camp hours. In this way, we re-evaluate the student's performance. IB camp hours are between 2 and 6-7 hours a day.

IB training camp Camps are geared towards IB exams. In this study camp, past exam questions are solved and the student's performance in the exam is measured. A program is prepared for the student based on his/her IB exam scores.

IB Lab Reports- Extended Essays- TOK- IA They are prepared as mentors together with an IB Examiner and an IB Supervisor.

Package Programs Content Time
Beginner Pack For beginners. Introduction and Testing course 1/4 Hour
Subject Pack For students who request courses according to their needs. 1 course 2 Hours
IB Course Subject Pack For students who request courses according to their needs. 1 course 2 Hours
IB Regular Courses For all IB regular courses 2 Hours

Seminar | Is AP Required for IB Students - Şükrü Yiğit

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Should IB students do AP?

AP and IB subjects are almost the same, but the exam formats are different. This adds a very serious study load. How will we solve it? We are discussing this.

Which program is right for you A LEVEL ? IB ? AP ? SAT only ?

We talk about the problems of IB programs.

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