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10 Practice Exams and Exam Solution Sessions


14 One-on-One ACT Lessons with Expert Instructors Who Graduated from Oxford and Columbia

Additionally, 15 Practice Exams and Study Sessions

Detailed Information.

You can determine when you need it.

You remove your questions and come. Lessons with our expert teachers.

Detailed Information.

Online Course

From your location, expert instructors provide online lessons using technologies like Skype, FaceTime, and other similar platforms. Online practice exams are also offered.

Number of Lessons 8 private lessons 14 interactive private lessons Unlimited study sessions Our guaranteed package is tailored towards your target.
Practice Exams 10 ACT practice exams 15 ACT practice exams As many as you wish. As many as you wish.
Lesson locations Classroom setting or online. Classroom setting or online. Additional lessons and workshops are available in both classroom and online settings Study sessions and lessons are available at various times throughout the day to accommodate your schedule, whether you're in a classroom or participating online

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