Studying University in Italy

One of the primary preferences for students aiming for academic education abroad is Italy. Italy is the third country in Europe with the most universities in the top 500. These universities are recognized by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) and equivalence is granted. Another reason for choosing Italy is that, compared to other European countries, you pay lower tuition fees for education in Italy, and furthermore, many programs in Italy offer 100% English-language instruction. Undergraduate education in Italy lasts for 3 years, except for the Medicine program which extends to 6 years. Master's degree programs generally last for 2 years, although there are universities that offer 1-year programs as well. Admission requirements to Italian universities also contribute to making it the preferred choice for students. For students aiming for undergraduate education, they are required to have completed 12 years of basic education and have passed the university entrance exam in Turkey. Subsequently, students take the exams conducted by individual schools, which vary according to each institution and department. Additionally, students are required to provide language proficiency certificates such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. For Master's level education, students are required to possess a Bachelor's diploma in their chosen field of study. In our Italy Consultancy service, we initially conduct a preliminary discussion with the student regarding their areas of interest and desired departments. Once the most suitable school and program for the student have been determined, the application process commences. Upon completion of the necessary documents, our overseas education consultant, who works closely with the student, submits the application. Throughout the acceptance process, we maintain communication with the student, and post-acceptance, we provide support to the student in charting their course.

Design Schools in Italy

The majority of them require a portfolio for admission. In addition to a Turkish diploma, taking the university entrance exam in Turkey is required. For English departments, a B2 level of English is required, and for Italian departments, a B2 level of Italian is necessary.

IED (Istituto Europeo di Design)

  • Milano, Roma, Floransa, Torino
  • Bachelor's, Master's, and Semester Programs
  • Annual Fee: 18,000 Euros

NABA (Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti)

  • Milano, Roma
  • Bachelor's, Master's Degree
  • Annual Fee: 19,000 Euros

RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts)

  • Roma
  • Bachelor's, Master's Degree and Summer School
  • Admission Through Its Own Exam (50 Questions, 60 Minutes)
General Admission Requirement
  • Diploma : Turkish High School Diploma + University Entrance Exam Result Certificate (YKS), IB Diploma
  • Fees : 1000-4000 Euros. Scholarship and Discount Options Available
University Entrance Exams

Bocconi University Application : Bocconi Exam, Bocconi Alpha Test Logic Exams, Mathematics Preparations. Preparation of Student Forms for Bocconi.

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