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Turkey's First and Only IB Course

With nearly 20 years of experience, Veritas Academy provides support to students in all IB courses. It continues to offer services such as Internal Assessment (IA), Extended Essay (EE), Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Mock Exams, and course assistance. The quality of Veritas’ teachers and their contribution to students’ performance is evident through their results.

Veritas Academy is the first IB Learning Center in Turkey.

Why do those who take an IB course from Veritas find success?

Veritas has assisted over 10,000 students to date with IB courses and private IB lessons. IB courses are taught by expert, IB-certified teachers. At Veritas, we offer lessons for all IB courses.

Our IB Camps: We, as Veritas Academy, organize study camps focusing on preparation before IB mock exams held at schools. Thus, the student's school exam performance is elevated to the highest level. Veritas Academy continues to provide support until all the weak areas for the student are turned into strengths.

IB Boot Camps: Camps are organized for the major exams at the end of the IB program. These camps, planned to last 10-15 days to cover all deficiencies, which involves solving all past IB papers. IB Lab Reports - Extended Essay - TOK - IA: We are also here for our students in the challenging parts of the IB program. We provide support as mentors and advisors.

Should IB students do AP?

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