The main objective of IB Economics courses is to develop students' understanding of the nature and scope of the science of Economics.

IB Economics.
IB Economics Courses are offered as HL or SL. The major difference between HL and SL levels is the coverage of Economics topics for SL students. For external assessment, SL students have to write two essays and HL students have to write three essays. For internal assessment, students are required to do research on an individual economics topic and then present a report on what they have learned.

Our IB Economics lessons are held in 90-minute lessons. You can take these lessons in our Ataşehir, Caddebostan and Etiler branches. You can also take our ib Economics courses online.

IB Economics Examiner Teacher Course: Lessons are taught by Examiner teachers. These lessons are paid.
IB Economics Study Courses: These lessons are one-to-one and free of charge. These are private lessons that we plan for review after the lesson you take from an expert IB teacher. It is very useful in terms of subject repetition and question solving.
IB Economics Project - IA and Extended Essay Courses: Meet Turkey's most expert team for all assignments and projects related to IB Economics. We claim to be the best. As in all IB project courses, our work in IB Economics projects is done in three summary stages;
Recognizing the student and finding a relevant topic. This is a critical detail.
Teaching step. We develop IB Economics projects by teaching them to the student.We never do your homework, we only help you learn and guide you.
Feedback.Cross Evaluation. We check the project by our IB Economics Examiner teacher team and eliminate the deficiencies. Our teachers are specialized teachers who have worked in the most distinguished IB schools in Turkey and the world.

IB HL Economy

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