About Veritas Academy

 Veritas Academy is a private educational institution that started offering its services in 2006 under the leadership of Şükrü Yiğit (METU '94). With five branches, primarily located in Istanbul including Ataşehir, Caddebostan, and Etiler, Veritas Academy helps students who aspire to turn their dreams into reality, with over 1200 students, 200 teachers, and more than 50 administrative staff each year. Offering specialized assistance for application processes to universities, especially in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Veritas Academy provides SAT/ACT, IB, AP, and A-Level courses. The institution also prepares students for application processes to some of Europe's leading universities in countries such as Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany. With services for more than 130 exams, including Italy's and the Netherlands' specific exams, Veritas Academy also offers educational and advisory support for foreign students wishing to pursue university education in Turkey.

 Veritas Academy not only provides academic support but also offers advisory assistance to students, consolidating education and consultancy under the same roof. The institution handles all processes professionally, including CV and motivation letter writing, school listing (long/short lists), creating the student's credentials on university application platforms, email follow-ups, and scholarship applications. Additionally, Veritas Academy conducts detailed SWOT analyses for students, assists in determining their vocational orientations with the expert psychological counselling team, and creates a comprehensive roadmap from the preparation year to the end of the 12th grade.

Veritas Academy

IB AP SAT ACT A LEVEL & Language Courses

Education Consultancy

The biggest investment of Veritas Academy is in the Guidance and Psychological Counselling Program. This process begins with Personality Inventory collection and Intelligence tests and is constantly reviewed and evaluated throughout students’ education.

Undergraduate Preparation Programs

Veritas Academy provides IB, AP, SAT, ACT, A-level, and Abitur from expert and experienced academic staff.

Overseas Education Consultancy Services

Veritas Academy has over 30 experienced and well-trained Overseas Education Advisors and offers university application education consultancy services.

English, German and French Language Courses

Veritas Academy provides TOEFL, IELTS English Courses, Delf-Dalf French Courses, and TES-DAF German Courses from expert and experienced academic staff.

Türkiye University Preparatory Programs

Veritas Academy provides TYT-AYT Preparation Courses, and YÖS Courses from expert and experienced academic staff.

Veritas International Education Consultancy

  • Preparations and Applications for Top-tier Schools in the US with Scholarship Opportunities

  • Students with aspirations towards esteemed institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Northwestern, MIT, Columbia, UPEN, and others

  • Top-tier schools in the UK such as Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, Imperial, and others

  • Consultancy for applications to prestigious universities in European countries, including Germany

  • Schools in Italy with an annual fee of 600 Euros and Bocconi University preparatory programs

  • Medical and Engineering Education in European countries with accreditation and equivalence approved by YÖK (Higher Education Council)

  • Newly added application programs for universities in Japan and South Korea

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