University Education at Holland

Universities in the Netherlands are divided into Research and Applied Science. Research universities provide an academic education for 3 years, while Applied Science universities offer three or four years of practice-oriented education. The Netherlands is one of the countries with the highest level of education and accepts students from many parts of the world, and is one of the most preferred European countries for students from Turkey. The Netherlands does not accept Turkish High School Diploma, which includes only the MoNE curriculum, especially for Engineering departments. For this reason, students from Turkey are required to apply with at least 4 AP exam results or IB or A-Level Diplomas. There is an arrangement called Numerus Fixus in Dutch universities. Some departments accept a limited number of students due to high demand, and this is achieved by conducting a selective exam with the regulation called Numerus Fixus. Especially departments such as Psychology and Computer Science only accept students with Numerus Fixus. Students have the right to choose 4 universities when applying to the Netherlands and at most 2 of these 4 departments can be departments with Numerus Fixus. In addition, language proficiency certificates such as IELTS and TOEFL are required from students.

Our Consulting Services

We first have a preliminary interview with our students who receive Dutch Counseling about the fields and departments they are interested in. After deciding on the most suitable school and department for the student, our application process begins. If our student has deficiencies in the required academic conditions, we first provide course support from our institution to complete them. After completing the other necessary documents, our student and our education abroad counselor, who works specifically with our student, make the application. We continue our meetings with our student during the acceptance process and support our student in creating his/her route after acceptance.