The main objective of AP Biology courses is to improve students' perception of the nature and scope of Biology. These courses are especially required for students whose professional preferences are Medicine, Medical related professions, biology departments.

Veritas AP Biology courses have been offered since 2006. Our teachers have experience in Robert, Hisar, Üsküdar American schools that provide AP education. AP courses are taught by expert (AP examiner) teachers. AP (Advanced Placement): It is a course that students who prefer departments such as Medicine, Psychology and Genetic Engineering should take. The teachers you take AP biology courses with should know AP biology lab environments and curriculum very well. Our most important warning is that some students, especially those who want to study Psychology, apply abroad without knowing the biology subjects. These students suffer great losses both during admission and during their education. Our AP courses are 90 minutes. When necessary, our + 90 studies (1-1 private lessons and free of charge) continue.

Information About AP Biology

AP exam in biology consists of two parts. The first part is a 100-question, multiple-choice exam. You have 80 minutes. To complete this part, the second part of the exam consists of four open-ended questions or writing a scientific paper. You are given 10 minutes of reading time to read the first four questions, organize your thoughts, record your notes or create a memo; you have 90 minutes to write your essay. The multiple-choice section counts for 60 percent of the exam and the essay section counts for the remaining 40 percent. The exam is held in May each year and the results are announced in July. The multiple-choice section is designed with a balance of easy and difficult questions to achieve an average score of 50 out of 100. Exams are graded on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. Most colleges require a score of 3 or higher as a passing score.

Part I Multiple Choice 100 questions 80 minutes (60% impact)

Part II Reading Time 10 minutes

Time allocated for writing 4 questions 90 minutes (40% impact)

There are 3 main areas in the AP Biology exam: Molecules and Cells, Genetics and Evolution, Organisms and Populations, and the percentages of questions are given below with their subheadings according to the average of the exam questions in the last 12 years.

  1. Topic 1: Chemistry 7%
  2. Topic 2: Cells 6%
  3. Topic 3: Photosynthesis 4%
  4. Topic 4: Cellular Respiration 4%
  5. Topic 5: Cell Division 4%
  1. Topic 6: Heredity 8%
  2. Topic 7: Molecular Genetics 9%
  3. Topic 8: Evolution 8%
  1. Topic 9: Five Kingdoms Survey 8%
  2. Topic 10: Plants 12%
  3. Topic 11: Animal (mainly human) Anatomy and Physiology 10%
  4. Topic 12: Reproduction and Development in Animals (mainly human) 6%
  5. Topic 13: Behavior in Animals 4%
  6. Topic 14: Ecology 10%

Why Take AP Biology Exams?

AP (Advanced Placement) : It is a course that students who prefer departments such as Medicine, Biomedical, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Biology and Neurosciences should take. The emphasis on organic chemistry is very necessary for those who prefer medical school.

Why are our students who have benefited from our Veritas AP Biology courses now studying Medicine in America and Europe?

Because you will take AP Biology courses from the expert of the department. In other words, you will learn topics such as Cell (Cytology), Tissue science (Histology), Molecular Genetics, Anatomy and Physiology from a Saint-Joseph graduate doctor who has been a private teacher for years, who is experienced and has also taught AP Biology in private colleges; You will learn topics such as Evolution, Plants, Ecology and Classification of Living Things (Taxonomy) from our professors who have graduated with degrees from the Biology or Biology Teaching departments of the best universities in Turkey and abroad.

AP Biology Courses :Our AP courses are 90 minutes long. For Biology classes, we recommend you to take 2 classes at the same time, i.e. 180 minutes. If necessary, we will continue our studies.

Important Note: For AP Biology, we offer private classes if you come with your friends and you can benefit from discounts on course fees!

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