IB English Program courses based on literary works. They are generally considered for students whose native language is English. Apart from this, it is preferred in ambitious IB programs. For example, many reputable schools in Turkey implement the IB English A program. The IB English A program is offered as HL-SL. Taking this course as HL plays a very effective role in students' university applications including verbal departments. For example, universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL expect a good grade in IB English A Literature courses. Likewise, it is a very demanding course for verbal departments in IVY League universities in the USA. This course is not needed for students who prefer numerical departments.

IB English.
Veritas has a team experienced in IB English lessons.

Veritas' experience in exams such as SAT-ACT and IB English exams have been the key to our success today.

In Veritas IB Courses, our students can take SAT-ACT Courses if they wish. Students who take our IB English courses can also participate in our TOEFL and IELTS courses.

IB English Examiner Teacher Course:Lectures are held with Examiner teachers. These lessons are free of charge. English A and English B are very different courses. The materials are different and change every year. Our specialized teachers are experienced teachers who always keep themselves up to date. All our IB English teachers are also very good at SATs and can manage these processes as well.
IB English Study Lessons:These lessons are one-to-one and free of charge. These are private lessons that we plan for review after the lesson you take from an expert IB teacher. It is very useful in terms of subject repetition. You can also take courses such as IELTS-TOEFL free of charge in our study courses.
IB English Assignments Project - IA and Extended Essay Lessons:Meet Turkey's most expert team for all assignments and projects related to IB English. We claim to be the best. As in all IB project courses, our work in IB English projects is done in three summary stages;
Recognizing the student and finding a relevant topic. This is a critical detail.
Teaching step. We develop IB English projects by teaching them to the student.We never do your homework, we only help you learn and guide you.
Feedback.Cross Evaluation. We check the project by our IB English Examiner teacher team and eliminate the deficiencies. Our teachers are specialized teachers who have worked in the most distinguished IB schools in Turkey and the world.
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