A Level Psychology usually aims to give students an in-depth understanding of general psychology topics. A Level usually consists of two levels: AS Level (Advanced Subsidiary) and A2 Level. When these two levels are combined, a full A Level certificate is achieved. Here are the key topics usually found in the A Level Psychology syllabus:

AS Level Psychology

  1. Basic Psychology Concepts
  2. Psychological Research Methods and Ethics
  3. Research Methods such as Observation, Experiment, Survey
  1. Human Memory and Memory Processes
  2. Memory Types and Disorders
  3. Experiments and Studies on Memory
  1. Communication and Language Development
  2. Social Interaction and Group Dynamics
  3. Theories of Social Interaction

A2 Level Psychology

  1. Life Stages and Development of the Individual
  2. Developmental Theories
  3. Effects of Learning and Environment
  1. Cognitive Processes and Problem Solving
  2. Language Development and Cognitive Disorders
  3. Thinking and Decision Making
  1. Biopsychology and the Nervous System
  2. Biological Basis of Psychological Disorders
  3. Neurological Research Methods
  1. Psychological Disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia
  2. Psychotherapy and Medication
  3. Effectiveness of Treatment Methods

Practical Studies:

A Level Psychology usually involves practical work. These studies aim to provide students with research skills and often include skills such as designing experiments, collecting data, analyzing and interpreting results.

Advanced Topics:

A Level Psychology program can offer students advanced options, which can often include more complex topics. Examples of these topics may include:
  1. Child Psychology
  2. Sport Psychology
  3. Psychopathology and Clinical Psychology
A Level Psychology certificate provides students with a strong foundation in psychology and allows them to continue on to university or a related career path.

A Level Psychology Trial Exams for A Level System

15 Minutes 1 Course 10 Course 25 Course
15 Minutes 2 Hours 20 Hours 50 Hours
Sessions for recognizing our teachers You can work on topics you do not understand or understand. Work towards A Level finals Regular work
3 Free Exam 15 Free Practice Tests 30 Free Practice Tests

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