A Level History is usually a comprehensive program that aims to provide students with the skills to understand, analyze and interpret history. The A Level History syllabus usually covers specific periods, events and key history topics. Here are the key topics usually found in an A Level History course:

AS Level History

  1. History Research Methods
  2. Source Critique
  3. Historical Analysis and Interpretation
  1. French Revolution
  2. Industrial Revolution
  3. Reform Movements and Social Change
  1. World War II and its Effects
  2. Cold War Period
  3. International Relations

A2 Level History

  1. Different Approaches in Historiography
  2. Postmodernism and History
  1. Ottoman Empire
  2. British Empire
  3. Other Great Empires
  1. Deepening of the Cold War
  2. Nuclear Armament
  3. Global Changes and Economic Transformations

Special Topics

A Level History usually gives students the opportunity to study specific topics in depth. By choosing a particular period, event or topic, students can specialize further in this area. Examples might include the American Civil War, Nazi Germany, Tudor England or the Cold War.

Advanced Studies

A Level History program can offer students advanced options, which can often include more complex subjects. These topics include:
  1. Historical Film and Popular Culture
  2. Environmental History
  3. Gender and History
  4. World History and Global Events

A Level History Trial Exams for A Level System

15 Minutes 1 Course 10 Course 25 Course
15 Minutes 2 Hours 20 Hours 50 Hours
Sessions for recognizing our teachers You can work on topics you do not understand or understand. Work towards A Level finals Regular work
3 Free Exam 15 Free Practice Tests 30 Free Practice Tests

Recommended Universities

Students with an A Level History certificate can apply to undergraduate programs in history, history and politics, or related fields at many universities. Examples include world-renowned institutions such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, Harvard University, Yale University, and the Sorbonne University. However, it is important for students to choose a suitable university based on their interests, specializations and career goals.
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