Students who want to study in departments related to Social Sciences or Medical Sciences should choose IB Psychology. It is a must especially for students who want to study Psychology. Today, the science of Psychology is a highly sought-after qualification. In our IB Psychology courses, as Veritas, we revise the topics covered in the curriculum, provide support in the design and writing process of the research they will do for Internal Assessment, and provide assistance in choosing and writing Extended Essay topics. Since each IB Psychology teacher constructs the details of the IB Curriculum differently, we determine a syllabus for each of our students in the IB Diploma program in selected schools in Turkey and around the world in parallel with the institution they study at.

Veritas runs this program with 15 teachers with experience in IB Psychology.

Our team of teachers consists of examiner psychologists who are experts in their field. We closely follow the curriculum with all the latest resources and offer additional resources to our students to deepen their learning and introduce them to the discipline of psychology.

In Veritas IB Courses, our students can take AP Psychology Courses if they wish. AP Psychology courses are our gift to our students who regularly take IB Psychology courses.

IB Psychology Examiner Teacher Lectures: Lesson lectures are held with Examiner teachers. These lessons are paid.
IB Psychology Study Courses: These lessons are one-to-one and free of charge. These are private lessons that we plan for review after the lesson you take from an expert IB teacher. It is very useful in terms of subject repetition and question solving.
IB Psychology Project - IA and Extended Essay Courses: Meet Turkey's most expert team for all assignments and projects related to IB Psychology. We claim to be the best. As in all IB project courses, our work in IB Psychology projects is done in three summary stages;
Recognizing the student and finding a relevant topic. This is a critical detail.
Teaching step. We develop IB Psychology projects by teaching them to the student.We never do your homework, we just help you learn and guide you.
Feedback.Cross Evaluation. We check the project by our IB Psychology Examiner teacher team and eliminate the deficiencies. Our teachers are specialized teachers who have worked in the most distinguished IB schools in Turkey and the world.
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