The Abitur is the high school leaving examination at the end of secondary school in Germany. The Abitur is the highest high school diploma a student can receive in Germany. Students with an Abitur diploma are eligible to study at universities not only in Germany but also in many European countries and the USA. The world's leading universities always consider the Abitur result as a plus point.
Abitur is divided into 2 categories: Dependent Abitur and Independent Abitur. The Independent Abitur is valid for non-German students. In order to qualify for the Independent Abitur diploma, you must successfully pass the written and oral exams. In Turkey, apart from the compulsory basic courses such as German, English, Mathematics; 2 of the Biology, Chemistry, Physics courses are selected and written exams are taken. The course you do not choose for the written exam from these 3 courses will be your first oral exam. The other oral exam is for the course that has changed the most from previous Abitur exams. The written exams last between 4-6 hours and the oral exam lasts 20 minutes excluding the preparation time.
The Abitur written exam is checked both by 2 different teachers in the country you enter and by a committee sent to Germany. Your oral exam is conducted and evaluated by a committee. Your Abitur result varies between 1 and 6 according to the German grading system. The highest grade is 1.0, while students with a grade above 4.0 are entitled to an Abitur diploma. Grades between 1.0 and 2.0 mean very high achievement.
If you are applying to an English-language university, you must have passed the English language proficiency exams in addition to the Abitur.
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