Studying University at Türkiye
University and Postgraduate Education

Higher education in Türkiye takes place at two main levels: undergraduate and postgraduate. Universities generally offer four-year undergraduate programs. A master's degree is usually 2 years long. There are many public and foundation universities in Türkiye. For example, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul Technical University, Hacettepe University. Among the faculties, there are programs in various fields such as engineering, medicine, humanities, social sciences, business, law.

Application and Admission Requirements

You usually need a high school diploma to apply for undergraduate programs. A bachelor's degree is required for a master's degree. Some programs and universities may expect a certain GPA in a certain score type.

Many programs at Turkish universities are offered in Turkish. However, there are also programs in English, especially in big cities and some private universities. The official websites of universities and official institutions such as the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) offer a wide range of information sources.

Public universities in Türkiye may offer scholarships to successful students. These scholarships can often be based on GPA and socio-economic status.

Foundation and Private Scholarships

Many foundation and private universities offer scholarships to students. These scholarships can often be merit, talent or need-based.