VERITAS AP Psychology Lessons

AP psychology course is a very useful course for psychology majors, but also for departments such as medicine and business administration. This course covers human behavior, mental processes, and the work of psychologists. Students explore and apply psychological theories, basic concepts, biological bases of behavior, developmental psychology, causes and treatments of individual psychological disorders.

As Veritas Academy, we offer these courses with our teachers who graduated from the Psychology departments of Parsons, York and Boğaziçi universities. Our team of teachers closely follow the AP curriculum and exams and are highly experienced and specialized in AP preparation. We finish our subjects early and complete our preparation for this exam by solving a lot of practice exams until the exam date.
Exam Format; In part 1, you have 100 multiple choice questions and 70 minutes. In the 2nd part, you have 2 written questions and 50 minutes.
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