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The ACT is a globally recognized standardized test that directly influences college admissions.

To receive education at a reputable university, obtaining a high ACT score is necessary. Especially for students aspiring to study in the United States or Canada, SAT or ACT exam scores are required.

The ACT is fundamentally a aptitude test that measures your academic reading, academic reasoning, decision-making, and processing skills under challenging conditions. Additionally, all high school students or those who have completed high school education can participate in the ACT exam.

The ACT exam, consisting of English, Reading, Math, and Science sections, may appear easy when you look at the individual questions. However, upon closer examination of its structure, it becomes evident that it is one of the most challenging university entrance exams, similar to other tests like the SAT, designed to select the most qualified students.

Our ACT preparation lessons are conducted on a one-on-one basis.

Since 2003, Veritas has been preparing students for the ACT exam. In our courses or practice tests, we strongly recommend students who score above 29 to take SAT lessons one-on-one. Working individually and progressing systematically is crucial to gaining admission to the world's top universities.


Veritas ACT Private Lessons are built on a foundation of continuous ACT practice exams. With our weekly planned practice exams, we monitor students' progress, help them gain test experience, and focus on addressing their weaknesses. Through these practice exams, we successfully target and address any subject gaps. Our designed ACT exams for students are based on real and past exam sets from previous years.

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We prepare our students for the exam environment in the best possible way during our courses. In addition, we conduct various exercises to help them control time and stress. With our ACT Practice Exams, we continuously monitor their progress, focus on their weak points, and make it easier for them to achieve the targeted score.

We evaluate the practice exams weekly and track the performance of both our teachers and students. At the end of each lesson, we conduct surveys to measure teacher effectiveness. If a student is not satisfied, we do not charge any fees without hesitation.

ACT Private Tutoring Program

ACT Ultimate Level 45 HOURS 15 Hours 15 Hours 15 Hours
ACT Group (Beginners) 45 HOURS 15 Hours 15 Hours 15 Hours
ACT HARD English (Beginners) 15 HOURS 15 Hours ******* *******
ACT Math (Beginners Group) 15 HOURS ******* 15 Hours *******
ACT Science (Beginners Group) 15 HOURS ******* ******* 15 Hours

At Veritas, 1 lesson lasts for 90 minutes. Our free study sessions (etude sessions) are 1 hour long. All the mentioned lessons above are one-on-one private lessons. In all of our course programs, 15 ACT practice exams are also provided for free.

IVY AND TOP-TIER PREPARATIONS: Our lessons and program are entirely tailored to your success goals. We offer access to the best ACT instructors and top-notch ACT resources. At Veritas, our priority is for you to understand your own level, recognize your realities, and work on improving them. Rest assured, achieving a score above 30 is quite challenging. It requires a significant amount of effort, numerous practice tests, and different perspectives. Veritas' experienced team of ACT instructors is here to ensure just that.
We do not accept every student for this package. We select students who truly have the potential to succeed.

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