A Level Economics course is a graduate level program that aims to teach students economic concepts, theories and methods of analysis. This course usually consists of two levels: AS Level (Advanced Subsidiary) and A2 Level. When these levels are combined, students receive a full A Level Economics certificate. Key topics included in the A Level Economics curriculum:

AS Level Economics

  1. Basic Economic Problems (Scarcity, Choice, Opportunity Cost)
  2. Demand and Supply
  3. Market Structures (Competition, Monopoly, Oligopoly)
  1. Price Mechanism and Price Determination
  2. Production Costs and Profit Maximization
  3. Factor Markets and Income Distribution
  1. National Income and Economic Growth
  2. Unemployment and Inflation
  3. Fiscal and Monetary Policies

A2 Level Economics

  1. International Trade Theories
  2. Exchange Rates and Foreign Exchange Market
  3. Determining National Economic Performance
  1. Theories of Development Economics
  2. Economic Growth and Sustainable Development
  3. Development Experiences in Different Countries
  1. Economic Policy Instruments and Practices
  2. Competition Policy and Regulation
  3. Environmental Economics and Sustainability

Practical Studies

A Level Economics course usually includes practical work. This provides students with the opportunity to apply economic theories and concepts to real-world situations. Students often analyze economic events, collect data and develop economic policy recommendations.

Advanced Topics

A Level Economics program can offer students advanced options which can often include more complex topics. These topics include:

  1. Financial Markets and Corporate Finance
  2. Economic Thought and Economic History
  3. Renewable Energy and Economic Impacts

University and Career Opportunities

A Level Economics qualification provides students with economic understanding, analytical thinking and research skills, giving them the opportunity to progress to university study in economics, finance, business or related fields. It can also open doors to career opportunities in many sectors such as economics, banking, finance, consultancy and government.

15 Minutes 1 Course 10 Course 25 Course
15 Minutes 2 Hours 20 Hours 50 Hours
Sessions for recognizing our teachers You can work on topics you do not understand or understand. Work towards A Level finals Regular work
3 Free Exam 15 Free Practice Tests 30 Free Practice Tests

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