GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a widely used test among applicants to master's and doctoral programs. The GRE test is generally used to assess students' general academic ability and measures verbal, quantitative and analytical writing skills.

Many courses and resources are offered abroad to prepare for the GRE. These courses aim to help candidates understand the format, strategies and content of the test.

Course Content
GRE courses offer a broad curriculum covering verbal, quantitative and analytical writing sections, focusing on test-taking strategies, question types and time management. The GRE exam consists of three main sections:

Verbal Reasoning
This section measures grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.
The verbal section includes questions such as word similarities and sentence completion.
Quantitative Reasoning
This section measures mathematical abilities and quantitative thinking skills.
Includes basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis.

Analytical Writing
This section measures candidates' analytical thinking and writing skills.
It involves two tasks: critically analyzing an argument and supporting an opinion on an issue.

GRE focuses on measuring a general level of knowledge and does not require a specific area of specialization. The structure and scoring system of the exam is as follows:
Verbal Section: Between 130 and 170 points can be scored.
Quantitative Section: Between 130 and 170 points can be scored.
Analytical Writing Section:A score between 0 and 6 can be obtained.
The total score is the sum of the verbal and quantitative sections. Toplam puan aralığı 260 ile 340 arasındadır. The analytical writing section score is evaluated independently of the verbal and quantitative scores.
The GRE is a computer-administered test. Adaylar, sınavı belirli bir sınav merkezinde fiziksel olarak alabilecekleri gibi, GRE General Test at Home seçeneği ile kendi bilgisayarları üzerinden de çevrimiçi olarak alabilirler. The test has an adaptive structure based on solving questions in a specific order and scoring according to the level of difficulty in each section.

Registration and Examination Dates
Applications for the GRE are handled by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).
GRE test dates are usually offered at regular intervals throughout the year.
Candidates can check the current exam dates on the official website of ETS and register for their exams on this site.
Online and Face-to-Face Examination Options:
GRE test can also be taken online, subject to certain conditions and guidelines.
Candidates can take the test at home using the GRE General Test at Home option, the online version of the test.

Candidates should regularly check the official website of ETS for test dates, locations, registration procedures and other important information. They are also advised to consider preparation courses and materials for candidates considering taking the exam.
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