If your goal is to study law, we welcome you to our A Level Law courses. With our A level Law course, you will get to know the most basic course of Law departments and you can start by getting credits from this course in some schools.

A Level Law courses are based on an understanding of the English legal system. It is a course based on developing students' problem solving skills in the face of the law.

A Level Law is a postgraduate level program that aims to provide students with an understanding of the basic principles of law, legal systems and legal issues. This course usually consists of two levels: AS Level (Advanced Subsidiary) and A2 Level. When these levels are combined, students receive a full A Level Law certificate. Key topics usually found in the A Level Law curriculum:

AS Level Law

  1. Basic Principles of Law
  2. Legislative, Executive and Judicial Organs
  3. Creation and Interpretation of Legal Documents
  1. Contract Formation and Elements
  2. Breach of Contract and Legal Consequences
  3. Consumer Rights
  1. Crime Formation and Elements
  2. Principles of Criminal Law
  3. Crime and Punishment

A2 Level Law

  1. Special Crimes such as Murder, Theft, Rape
  2. Criminal Law Reforms
  3. Criminal Justice System
  1. Basic Principles of Constitutional Law
  2. Parliament and the Executive
  3. Judiciary and Constitutional Reforms
  1. Property Rights and Disputes
  2. Family Law and Divorce
  3. Protection of Civil Rights

Practical Studies

A Level Law course usually includes practical work. This provides students with the opportunity to analyze legal issues, create legal documents and develop legal arguments.

Advanced Topics

A Level Law program can offer students advanced options which can often include more complex subjects. These subjects include:

  1. Human Rights Law
  2. Commercial Law
  3. International Law

University and Career Opportunities

A Level Law certificate offers students the opportunity to progress to university study in law, the judiciary, politics or related fields. For students aiming for a career in law, this certificate can open the door to becoming a lawyer, judge, legal advisor and other legal positions.

A Level Law Trial Exams for A Level System

15 Minutes 1 Course 10 Course 25 Course
15 Minutes 2 Hours 20 Hours 50 Hours
Sessions for recognizing our teachers You can work on topics you do not understand or understand. Work towards A Level finals Regular work
3 Free Exam 15 Free Practice Tests 30 Free Practice Tests

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