Veritas AP Computer Science Courses

AP Computer Science is a course you need to take to be admitted to top universities, especially in Europe and the USA, in Computer Engineering, Electronics or Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science. Your degree in this course will enable you to get extra scholarships, especially in research-based universities.

As Veritas Academy, we are one of the rare educational institutions in Turkey that has been teaching Computer Science since 2010. Our teachers are computer engineers who are experts in their fields, have a good command of the curriculum and have carried out many projects related to the Java program.

Computer Science A.

AP Computer Science course covers problem solving and algorithm development, object-oriented programming methods and data structures. It is intended to cover the 1st year introductory computer science course of universities. Teaching this course can bring you to the level of developing software on the Java program.

Computer Science Principles.

It is an introductory college-level course that introduces students to the breadth of the field of computer science. Students learn to design and evaluate solutions by developing algorithms and programs and apply computer science to solve problems. Students also explain how computing innovations and computer systems (including the Internet) work, their potential impact, and how they contribute to an ethical computing culture.

Lesson Videos Series | Computer Science - Python Introduction

Veritas Academy is a private educational institution that provides professional services to all its students in a wide area, including domestic and international. In addition to its branches in Ataşehir, Caddebostan and Etiler, Veritas Academy also provides training and consultancy services online.

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