UKCAT Tutors About UKCAT Exams
Getting into a university medical or dental programme depends upon doing your best at every step of the application process: Personal Statements, A-levels, Interviews, and for most medical schools, the UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test). The UKCAT has been designed to distinguish which applicants have the mental and personal skills for a career in the medical field. To do well on the UKCAT, you must become familiar with the unique UKCAT question types and practice your pacing for this tightly-timed exam.

We will be offering a number of courses in Istanbul where you can prepare for the UKCAT with expert teachers and extensive study resources. IBSAT Turkey 's UKCAT courses provide 28 lessons tuition, and come with 25 full-length practice tests. Our courses also includes schools supports.

Is UKCAT Private Tuition the best option for me?
Private Tuition is just one of the study options available to you, to help you prepare for the UKCAT. Private Tuition is our bespoke offering to you, so that you can focus your study on your weaker areas, improve them and feel confident on test day. However students will receive the same course materials and practice tests, whichever option they choose. We offer private tutoring either in person at out İSTANBUL Centre. UKCAT Private Tutoring may be the best option for you, if: Your test date is approaching and you do not have time to take a classroom course. You are unable to attend the set dates of a classroom course. You’d prefer individual attention rather than a class environment. You have already begun studying and need some extra guidance. OUR UKCAT Materials

UKCAT Strategy Book
We provide over 35 published UKCAT books. Multiple-choice aptitude tests, and details strategies for each different UKCAT question type. It also includes time management techniques, and extra UKCAT practice questions.

28 Full-length UKCAT Practice Tests
To increase your familiarity with UKCAT-style test questions and build your stamina. Timing on the UKCAT is extremely important. UKCAT practice tests will help you build your confidence so you can perform your best on Test Day.

Ongoing Academic Support
Course enrolment includes email access to UKCAT teachers until your test date. Teachers will be available to answer academic questions that arise during your self-study following the course.